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John Pek

John Pek

John Pek first picked up a camera in his early teens and hasn't put one down since. Video, photo and film production is his passion. In 2007 John created a business partnering with his long time friend to produce video and film professionally. Since that time he has gained experience in a wide variety of roles in many productions including commercials, documentaries, feature film and filming hundreds of live events. He takes great joy in overseeing projects from concept to completion and loves every aspect of the creative process including Writing, Location Scouting, Planning, Directing, Creating Practical and Visual Effects, being the main Editor and Color Corrector as well as authoring DVD and Blu Ray Media.

John Evans

John Evans

John Evans has had a passion for film making since his childhood. Since the first day he took hold of a camera he would never be found without one close by ever again. With this history and a head full of dreams, John went on to partner his own business. Documentaries and live events fill his resume, he's worked with local news, local theaters, charities and commercial businesses. In the 8 years John as run this two man studio, he has releases hundreds of videos, most of those with custom graphics, precision editing. John's "Wheel house" includes, Camera work, Editing, Compositing, Sound, ADR, Writing and Practical/CG Effects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we can accommodate any style of production, anything from 10 second spots to full length feature films.
A productions cost is based entirely on what a producers budget is set at. The costs associated with production can be adjusted so that productions can stay under budget. The standard formula is like this:

Budget size + Allotment of time = Level of quality returned

Budget size + Quality level required = Amount production time

Quality level required + Allotment of time = Budget size required
We are not a broadcast company as our main functions are editing, special effects and on set production. We do however have connections to some networks and can put you in contact with the right people.
Yes, mainly our interactions on set are for the purposes of special effects applications. Evek Studios often plays the role of director, DP, 1st AD, Sound, Camera, VFX supervisors, and even safety.
We do have an extensive network of professionals available to us. Provided your production has a budget and a schedule, we can put together any size crew.

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